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If you're looking for a uniquely crafted design with an easy-to-use interface for your company to use as you move forward, we've got options! While I highly recommend Webflow for its lightning-fast load times and complete design freedom, I have years of experience helping clients with their Wix and Squarespace sites as well, and I can suggest which would best fit your needs.
Take a look at some of my recent sites below, or go ahead and submit a website project request.
Turbulent Wix Website
featured site


Turbulent Hydro


Full Wix website redesign, copywriting, site management training


Fullwidth images, JS animation, parallax scrolling, coded header animation, customized diagrams and illustrations, FAQ app, blog, SEO

client feedback:

"Sarah is a truly top class designer and Wix Expert. She gives great insights and goes that very needed extra mile for the assigned tasks. She communicates excellently and is very easy to work with, which means you can trust she will deliver quality without having to be micromanaged! Definitely recommended."

Curious about pricing? Tell me a bit about your website project.
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