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Whether you're looking for a logo for a brand new initiative or refresh on your current logo, Blind Betty can offer everything you need to ensure your brand identity is strong, current, and consistent.
Autumn Cooper Interiors logo design


Autumn Cooper Interiors


Logo design, business card design, social logos


"High end, practical with a graphic eye, lived in and beautiful, a home with a heart. Playful with exquisite furnishings that are functional, and very unique." My job was to bring all of this into a logo and simple business card design.

client feedback:

"Sarah provided me with exactly what I requested and more. Sarah never thought any little request I made was imposing and was happy to make any small or large tweak to the design. I am very happy with the end result and have had many friends say it suits me perfectly. I sort of knew in my gut it was a good fit and I'm glad I trusted my instincts."

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