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Blind Betty Creative is an ever-evolving vehicle that helps visionary leaders like you get from A to B, not simply by accomplishing tasks and providing great designs, but by championing your vision, solving your problems, and helping you define and accomplish your goals.
Your pilot's name is Sarah Brown.
Meet Blind Betty Creative Artwork

Come with expectations.

Creative Paper Airplane

"Sarah Brown is my first choice. From the get-go I've been thrilled with her impact in my business. Not only has Sarah quickly tuned to my wavelength, but she's pushed and challenged me. She actively seeks to understand my business and my customers better, and as a result, her creative direction has become deeply tuned to the needs my clients. It's exciting to work with a designer whose insight runs deeper than creating good looking materials. Blind Betty Creative's work hits a whole new level for me."

- J. G., book producer


"Sarah has been a trusted, helpful ally as we have worked together on client service initiatives. She is proactive and responsive ... You can tell that she cares about not only outcomes, but the people she works with."

- D. S., leadership trainer

"Sarah provided me with exactly what I requested and more. Sarah never thought any little request I made was imposing and was happy to make any small or large tweak to the design. I am very happy with the end result and have had many friends say it suits me perfectly. Working with Sarah was actually two creative artists cohesively working together. I sort of knew in my gut it was a good fit and I'm glad I trusted my instincts."

- A.C., owner of interior design studio 

"Sarah Brown is a very talented creative director who consistently provides top level work. Although Sarah's biggest attribute is her creative talent, she has consistently exceeded our expectations on a variety of design-related projects: product development, marketing campaigns, blog creation and maintenance, branding, and, of course, creative work. She collaborates effortlessly with colleagues, consultants, business development staff, and management. I would highly recommend Sarah for any creative work!"

- M. T., general manager of consulting firm


"Fantastic experience working with Sarah! She has been a tremendous resource to my business as well as to my portfolio company. She was always responsive and an excellent communicator—two qualities that I value tremendously. I'm very picky about the visual attractiveness and effectiveness of my products, especially external facing products, and Sarah's design eye and experience, and implementation process, completely exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate hiring Sarah again for all future web design related work."

- R.L., owner of multiple companies

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Before launching Blind Betty, I worked for six years as the creative director of a leadership consulting firm. During that time I was able to develop design skills and experience as well as glean some important insights about working with people and helping others succeed. It was an invaluable experience that changed the way I seek to interact with clients—to not only create beautiful work, but to dig deeper and actually anticipate needs and catch the heart of what they want to accomplish.

I got my start in 2006, being apprenticed into the trade by my older brother. As an avid learner with a hunger for excellent work that solves real people's problems, I love my job. 

A bit about the owner...

Creative Director and Owner Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown, Owner & Creative Director

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